Family Fun and Fresh Air. Our Top 5 Compound Villas.

  • July 4, 2020
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We often have a look to see if we can find a top 5. Here are our top 5 compound villas available at the moment.

1 – Smart and beautiful – This four bedroom villa is well located in Safa 2 near the park and ideal for the local nurseries. The pool is lovely and there is  plenty of greenery. Rent here is listed at a negotiabe AED 240,000. To see a 3D tour please click here.




2 – Great family vibe. This a great fun compound which has lots of young children living in it. There is a playground and trampoline in the middle as well as a gym and a shared swimming pool. To join the craic here they are looking of rent of AED 190,000. To see a 3D tour please click here.




3 – Privacy conscious. This is a really smart compound which has a private garden as well as shared facilities. It is well maintained and well located a short walk from Beach Road. This villa is offered for AED 200,000 annual rent.  To see more about this villa please click here.




4 – Anyone for tennis. This is an excellent older compound located in Jumeirah 3. The compound not only has a tennis court but also a pool, squash court and a gym. Now priced at AED 210,000 per annum it is sure to be popular To see a 3D tour please click here




5 – Fantastic value. These villas are really popular and again has excellent facilities with a playground alongside a swimming pool, gym and squash court. There is 24 hours security too at this well located compound. Rent is offered at AED 165,000 in multiple cheques. To see a 3D  tour please click here



There are many other great compound villas that are available but I hope these are of interest. To discuss renting any of these please contact Harry on 055 336 4111.

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