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  • March 18, 2018
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Mustafa: please tell us about your family?

My family consists of my wife (a.k.a. the boss), Serena (11), Danyal (7) and Sophia (3 and the most spoiled of the lot!).

You live in The Lakes; Tregoning Property is about to start rentals there as we think it is an excellent option for families. How long have you lived there and what do you love about it?

We’ve been here for ~4 years and absolutely love it for a few reasons.  First it has a very ‘neighborhoody’ feel and reminds me of the days I grew up in the US; where kids played on the streets and congregated at the park.  It has a fabulous community center (walking distance!) which includes a Fitness First, Grocery store and The Reform Social & Grill (great for date night with the wifey).   Finally the location is on the Emirates Golf Club, just off Shk Zayed road and one of the biggest advantages for the Koita’s is that it’s a 5-10 min drive from our kids school (American School Dubai).   

 What are your favourite spots within walking distance? Cafes, sport, restaurants etc

Certainly the health club.  I love the fact that I can walk over in the morning for a solid workout and then head to work – fully charged.

 You are the CEO of Koita, the organic milk that has a lifelong place in our household, but please can you tell us a little more about your latest products, where to find them (shops and social)? 

We produce Organic Milk from Italy and distribute it all over the UAE, which includes our neighbourhood Choithrams (@ the Lakes), SpinneysCarrefourGeant and now online (free delivery) at www.koita.com.  To keep an eye on us anyone can follow @koitafoods on Instagram or Twitter.

 Finally, what advice would you give to someone looking to buy a villa in Dubai?

If you are considering Dubai as your home, then certainly try your best to buy.  We used to rent for many years but love the fact that after buying we can invest in lots of little changes; to customize our house for our family’s needs (i.e. man cave!)


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